Online Editing Workshop
25 May
Dear friends
I will share with you all my author style editing knowledges from the beginning to the end using the example of detailed editing of several different pictures from my portfolio.

The class will be held in Skype in a small group of participants.
You will be able to ask me any questions during the class and after in our group or privately.
You will also have the possibility to choose pictures for editing at my class.
The workshop will last about 6 hours.

There will be the recording after the class and it will be available for you at any time in the future.

You can also buy the recordings of my previous Workshops.

After the editing workshop you will be joined to Julia Zarkh's students group in WhatsApp where you will be able to communicate with other students who have already studied with Julia (for online life editing Workshop only).

Time of the beginning - approximately 3.00 p.m. (UK time) but might be changed (depending on the location of the participants).
Photography processing software
Work with Adobe Bridge software. Selecting the photos.
Work with Camera RAW software
Preliminary processing of photos.
Work with Photoshop software. Artistic processing of photos.

Full processing scheme, from selecting the series to getting the ready photos for printing and WEB:
• framing (proper framing, corrections, effects)
• several options for better contrasting
• work with blending modes
• work with skin colors (achieving a nice skin tone)
• work with color of images (clear, soft, noble, dense, rich, deep colors) . Color mixing
• skin retouching (big portraits, medium and long-distance shots), kid photo retouching
• tips for figure correction
• working with noises reflected in the image
• adding some volume
• photography and color. Creating a photo with the eyes of an artist
• toning the image
• achieving a crystal-clear sharpness of pictures, working out in detail
• other secrets and processing techniques
• preparation of photos for printing and size reduction for WEB
• my own actions
Bonuses for all the participants of the online workshop
Author's certificate from Julia Zarkh on training completion
Additional lessons on processing (about 7 hours of extra training)
The opportunity to ask Yulia Zarkh any questions during the workshop and after
The opportunity for students to choose the photos for processing from Yulia's portfolio by themselves.
Invitation to the general group of Yulia Zarkh's students in Facebook where you can communicate with like-minded photographers, get support and share experience.
Master class price
300 GBP
The cost of participation in the workshop
You can also buy the recordings of my previous Workshops
Editing Workshop from 16.01.2024
260 GBP
At this author workshop, I taught students in ditail about my author's editing process using these six pictures from my portfolio as examples.

The duration of the workshop is 6 hours.
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