About me
My name is Julia Zarkh. I am a Children and Family Art Photographer. My work experience is about 12 years. I live in the very beautiful city London that inspire me very much.

I always try to enter into that unique happiness of each family that comes to me, to notice and capture the most important and touching moments of their life. I wish that people, their children and grandchildren who come to me enjoyed the bright, gentle and touching pictures and continued to keep those important bright moments in their memories.
I am always very grateful to the heroes of my photo shoots for our pleasant communication, and very happy when they come to me over again.
I make love VISIBLE...
I show the BEAUTY of our world..

What could be more beautiful than harmony between human and nature. What could be more beautiful than human relationships and true emotions.

For about 9 years, I have been teaching art photography all over the world : conducting lectures, master classes, workshops, off-site photo tours, individual mentoring. I took part successfully in severals big international photo conferences as a speaker. I really love to share my experience and knowledge with people and together plunge into the magic of Art Photography. Its pleasure for me to help people to grow up in photography and make them more confident and happy.

With all my love, Julia Zarkh